// new year’s resolutions 🌻


whats up

so basically i was going to post this on new year’s day, but like you know me

2017 was a shitty year, thank god its over

i’ve never really done new years resolutions before because i thought it was a stupid idea, but this year i wanted to change some things around i didnt like about myself.


here’s the list i guess

feel free to leave your resolutions down below


1. Earn some $$$

2. Redo my whole entire wardrobe, all my clothes are outdated af

3. Be more social and actually talk to people

4. Drink more water and eat less junk food

5. Smile and look presentable

6. Not care what other people think of me ( don’t need approval from others )

7. Study moree!! Be less careless about grades!

8.  Do something with my hair ! Like cut it or dye it

9. Be more independent, take time away from electronics and relax and do a hobby

10. Learn drum set !!!!

11. Get my shit together.


about everything i want to improve

i might edit it and add more later