//boys i used to like

um k i got this idea from a instagram post soo

2 years ago-

i liked this super athletic super smart kid had glasses and looking back at him, im like what was i thinking

last year –

i sorta like him now too ?? he went to my tennis lesson over the summer last year and omg hes cute af

hes super nice and we don’t really talk since hes a grade older than me soo


i’ve liked him for like a year but idk now


kid i like now ???

um so hes super cute athletic, smart, and everything ???

hes nice i guess but hes sorta like average ishhh ?? like hes good @ everything

i dont think he likes me back because in bio me and my friend put stick notes in his pencil case and he got so pised that he put the sticky note in my water bottle ?

i dont really like him that much anymore


is it just me or do i always like guys with braces??

like people might think it looks nerdy and stuff but i think braces are cute ??
im weird ik

comment your crushes !!111




//update on music

umm k i listen to this playlist on the bus everyday //

i haven’t updated it in a long time and didn’t really have a lot of variety sooo

also i made a playlist f0r trendy songs which means ill have to update it like evry week UGH

update: kk spotify is being difficult rn so now just click the link to see my playlists

// trendy //



my jam m8


//table @ lunch(THE WORSTTT)

uld do like all the tables we have @ lunch(like the populars, emos, weebs, etc) ??

// Too cool for school //

BASICally the worst table in the grade!!  it’s a small circle table with like only 10 of the most popular boys in the grade. all the boys r dumb idiots who think they’re too cool for school. today i dropped my stuff, and a addian (or whtever his name is) laughed @ me. Plus, @ math (everybody legit is so stupid) they did the “asian eyes” thing w/ their hands. and the thing is that IT WAS LEGIT A ASIAN DOING RACIST SHIT !!!  fr ?

legit a guy @ the table FUCKING LIKES/LIKED(?) ME LAST YEAR. idk if he still likes me or not but he always stared @ me and started random convos w/ me??? definitely didn’t tell his friends bcuz he wouldn’t be caught DEAD liking a inverted asian :// tbh he’s the nicest one out of the group and the smartest and does football ??? damn, why tho ???? need to do a whole post on this story ^^