//$10 amazon Hunger Games Giveaway


I haven’t done a giveaway in a long ass time(since my old blog)

I watched pewdiepie play this game.  It’s a Hunger Games simulator, I thought it looked really cool, and I thought it would be a good idea to do a giveaway (It’s a generator, determined by random) ITS THE SAME THING AS A GIVEAWAY

(you do not need to give me your address. It’s a code I give you to activate the gift card)



$10 amazon gift card



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//room in progress


//i sorta wanted to post something that has to do with my real life, my room.

I’m currently trying to change the theme of my room, from gold, to black and white.  Here’s a not-so-artsy pic of some decor I made/spray painted.


I would change my walls from blue, to white, but I just painted my room like a year ago.

//idk what kind of posts you guys wanted, i tend to find my posts lifeless lol

//i also want to put photography on here, and maybe some drawings?

hopefully i will keep you guys updated on my room! also i might do a giveaway soon


//cringiest, most uncomfortable anime of the year


// so we are here to discuss more anime, yay

This anime is called Kuzu no Honkai. I looked on the popularity list to look for some good animes, and found this.

Not reading any of the reviews, only the description, it seemed pretty decent, so I dove in.

First episode wow. All I can say is I really like the aesthetic of it. Like all of it didn’t make any sense; so they’re dating, but they both like somebody else? This anime is so fucked up. It made me feel like I was watching some Hentai. Some people might think it’s “realistic” but is it really? Also, it was overall VERY CRINGY. There were parts were the characters tried to be funny, but failed miserably. tbh it should be ranked as most uncomfortable anime ever. It made me feel uncomfortable in many ways. I stopped watching 2 episodes in.

Overall Description:

Hanabi and Mugi are both high school students. On the outside, they appear to be a ordinary couple, that are envied among many. But on the inside, they are both hurting, wanting to love somebody else. Of course, really nobody knows that.

Hanabi fell in love with her childhood older friend,  Narumi Kanaiwho, who is her homeroom teacher. Mugi fell in love with his older tutor,  Akane Minagawa, who is the new music teacher at the high school.

They both want to share their love with another person, so they physically love each other, pretending that the other person is their ideal lover. (shown in many scenes)

There are 2 other characters which make the whole thing a lot more confusing.

That’s really all I can tell you, I only watched 2 episodes.


Overall; 4/10


//fuck P.E


//honestly can i just say how much i hate P.E?

like, i’m generally am chosen last for everything. I always pass fitness tests and I have a pretty good mile time of 7 minutes. like what??

k let’s talk about the people.

  1. The nice one

this person(usually a girl) is good at everything and super nice if you miss the ball and shit.

2. The people who are bad (me)

this is probably like 1/3 of the girls. They’re just terrible.

3. the rest

the people who fucking yell at you and act like it’s a real game. Like bitch i never said i was good at sports, i never wanted to be here, i’d rather be doing HOMEWORK then this. Today, dumbass tyler yelled at me to “move” and get the ball. fuck you tyler

anyways, can i just say the struggle of having glasses?


i was literally about to fake it and say they broke my glasses to make them pay for new ones.

luckily, i only have to survive 2 more gym classes

and then another semester of gym next year