binge watching riverdale rn

anyone watch ? its so fxcking gooddddd



//relatable ; 11/3/17 ;

today was pretty uneventful ;-;

we watched harry potter in la and thats about it

plus i have a piano competition thingyy tmrw and i still need to work a lot on it


here’s my favorite song atm because i relate to it sm omg

( yes i realize that im a teenager and “shouldn’t date” but i mean like boys in my grade in general )

//all good ;11/2/17;


tryin post everyday !!!

anyway, so lemme follow up from the whole drama dealo yesterday

  1. tina isn’t mad @ me, she said she took it the wrong way
  2. piece of shit is still a piece of shit. We talked about and she said she accepted my apology ? like bitch i was never sorry to you, if anything you should be the one apologizing for attacking me @ the pep rally ? and i told her that i wasn’t going to sit w/ tina and she said, quote, “why? because they hate you?” like bitch get your annoying ass face away from my life.
  3. i am no longer going to be friends w/ piece of shit.


anyway, the guy i used to have a crush on (FOR ONE DAY)’s friend called my friend fat. like tf?

anways i guess thats it for today



//shit happens ; 11/1/17 ;

//happy late halloween everybody! (( i was too busy yesterday to post ))

i guess i can make it up to you guys w/ this big ass drama filled post !!!

here’s what happened in a nutshell:

so basically i said something about my friend (let’s call her tina) about her clothing and that we should get her a new wardrobe because she always wore the same thing. i guess she took it in offense (my fault) and she started crying which of course i said sorry and everything and i didnt mean to offend her. She completely ignored me and i tried to talk to her about it but she wouldn’t talk to me. i went to her locker in 4th to 5th hr and she ignored me then. TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE there was a shitty pep rally @ school. so i went to tina when i saw her enter the gym. then this fucking annoying ass bitch my friend(let’s call her piece of shit), so piece of shit was like, quote, “DONT TALK TO TINA!” I was like okay ?? So we entered the gym i tried talking to tina and then piece of shit said for me to shut up ? like bitch you dont even sit w/ us @ lunch anymore shut your annoying ass bitchy ass mouth. ur lucky im still friends w/ you  so i was like  “well i said im sorry and i didn’t mean to say it in that way, so you’re not forgiving me?” and she was like “yeah but you did it on purpose.” then i said “well yesterday when we were hanging out on halloween, you tripped me on purpose” she said ” well i didn’t mean to trip you” and i said “yeah, but i didn’t mean to offend tina.” and then she ran out of roasts and piece of shit said this “STOP GETTING SO DEFENSE. SHUT UP” and then i started crying. 2 reasons. A) i was trying to make people feel bad for me so that they would side w/ me. B) I WAS FRIENDS W/ TINA FOR ONE YEAR AND SAT WITH HER EVERYDAY @ SCHOOL. YOU LEFT OUR GROUP THIS YEAR. YET TINA TAKES UR SIDE? I CANT EVEN TRUST ANYBODY ANYMORE. then i started crying for the whole entire pep rally and this piece of shit DIDNT EVEN SAY “are you okay?” or anything.

so i blocked her ass unliked her pictures on instagram, left her group chat, left any group chat w/ piece of shit in it, and tmrw im not sitting with Tina anymore, im sitting w/ my friend who is super nice. also, completely ignoring her ass like shes not there and pretend listening to music when shes talking to me. (i dont have unlimited data and the schools wifi doesn’t work on my phone)

i literally want to send this post to her, just to say how much her annoying ass annoys me.



//OOps ; 10/30/17 ;

oops um so we have this book report thingy that we were suppose to do for the month of October

and you know me !!!!

i’ve only done like half of it and our printer doesn’t work so i cant print out the shit aodjfijsdf and its due tmrw ON HALLOWEEN ! TF?

also can i just say all the idiot boys @ my school ?

remember the kid that i said i had a crush in a few posts back ? yeah i dont like him anymore. in bio we sit next together with one of my friends (lets call her H) so h and me saw that that the guy i had a crush on and this other kid were like really fuckin close. like he would legit choke this guy in the middle of class. so basically we shipped them together and there ship name was Jiko (please dont let anyone from my school see this shit) and he called me and h’s ship name hideous because her name starts with a h which is hydia and her last name starts with a S which is hydias which makes it sound like hideous ?

we also played a game in p.e called speedball! its basically handball but with baskets and you can kick the ball. its pretty fun i guess im not really good @ it. and a few days ago we were playing sideline soccer and i scored a goal!!! so fvcking happy

im super brd rn and want to post more often, like make this into a diary blog ? like to look back in like 10 years and just laugh @ some of the shit i said ?

i swear i better like keep some of this shit secretive because theres a 1% chance that someone from my school will see this. it has happened before w/ my fantage youtube channel, a kid from my school saw it, i was like OH SHITT

ok rambling too much, i better finish my book report );



//going to a halloween party in a few minutes; yey!! (makes me happy that i actually have friends lmao)

anyways i was going to be a deer because it was the easiest thing ever, but i didn’t have antlers/ears and didn’t have any time to make one, so im a scarecrow!! i usually dont really dress up unless its a party

k bye

//bad day

//today i just had a fucking bad day

im not going to go into depth, but you know the guy in my last posts the boy i sorta liked?
he told on me for stealing his stuff ? like bitch i gave you gum and everything fuck off

anyway yeah i guess i have “depression”

sometimes i would cry on the bus for no reason, and i would always joke about killing myself and shit; but like im half being serious.

but i tell myself something, it’s going to get better. I’m not going to be at school forever, stuck with these idiots. It makes me have hope with life and gives me a reason to live on. So, instead of focusing on what other people think of me, i like to think about my studies and tell myself that if i work hard enough, i will have a great future 🙂

yeahh so i just want to post think for everybody to see that there’s hope in the world!