//finals week rip 🔫

pray for me pls.

anyway, for some reason i guess all my classes change ? it was never like this for the previous years and for some reason we now change classes ? which is super inconvenient because i just got used to them and now i have to change them?

like i have all the same teachers, but in a different order, so like different people, which i hate sm

but that means no more gym

hopefully forever

i am finishing up my semester of p.e and u all know how much i hate it

2 more days of p.e !




//do i stand with melanie or timothy? 🥀

so like ik the whole drama with mel and tim is like over


i kinda wanted to show where i stand

so basically, i think timothy and melanie are gulity.

i think timothy accused melanie of raping her after her songs got released on purpose, to get more attention/more people buying her song.

but i think melanie did rape her ?

its not something that you can really side with because there is no actual proof. Melanie said it did happen but timothy never said no.\

anyways, no matter where you stand, you’ve gotta admit this song is good

i mean, its the first time in a long time that melanie released a song not about all that creepy shit

//favorite artists 🎵

so last year i did like a underrated artists post

and hOLY

my taste in music has changed so much !

for the better too

i mostly listen to indie pop artists, sometimes just regular pop, so yee lets begin-




billie eilish

rich chigga


halsey ? (i like her music but i hate her)

lana del rey


marina and the diamonds


thats kinda a short list but their you go





// new year’s resolutions 🌻


whats up

so basically i was going to post this on new year’s day, but like you know me

2017 was a shitty year, thank god its over

i’ve never really done new years resolutions before because i thought it was a stupid idea, but this year i wanted to change some things around i didnt like about myself.


here’s the list i guess

feel free to leave your resolutions down below


1. Earn some $$$

2. Redo my whole entire wardrobe, all my clothes are outdated af

3. Be more social and actually talk to people

4. Drink more water and eat less junk food

5. Smile and look presentable

6. Not care what other people think of me ( don’t need approval from others )

7. Study moree!! Be less careless about grades!

8.  Do something with my hair ! Like cut it or dye it

9. Be more independent, take time away from electronics and relax and do a hobby

10. Learn drum set !!!!

11. Get my shit together.


about everything i want to improve

i might edit it and add more later




//2017 wrap up

um so this is going to be like a overview of what 2017 was like ?






i actually hated it, and I think a lot of people felt the same way.

This year, I fell into depression and it made me hate my life.

I tried to please everybody in my life, but that just made my life crumble into pieces. I let people control my life, and my happiness was based off of what other people thought of me.

Over the summer, I did nothing except sit around my computer. I didn’t have any fun, and didn’t even stay in contact with my friends over the summer.


Honestly, I’m just glad 2017 is over and hopefully 2018 will be better.


// problems ; 12/11/17 ;

hey guys

so sorry i haven’t been posting, i missed like 3 days of blogging !
but quality over quantity (thx chanso for the quote hehe)

i just want to relate to you guys

if anybody has this problem, share your experiences down below *

so, basically i’m not going to go in details bcuz this happens a lot, but i accidently stepped on this girl’s foot when we were playing basketball and i didn’t even know i stepped on her foot until she said something kinda offense like “don’t let lydia get the ball, she’ll step on her foot” or some bs like that

and i was like what did i do? i went to the locker room and overheard her bitching about me and i was like oh no

i didn’t know what to do, like apologize after it was all over ?

i swear, i’ve been trying to be nicer/less hated but like it just makes it worse

everybody in the school literally hates me sm

and i’m always quiet and stuff but i somehow get someone to hate me

like i realize i’m not social but like u dont need to hate me if i’m not bothering you, but i guess like a lot of rumors spread about me and now the school population hates me

except my friends who tbh, probably hate me as well.

and i tried not to care that much but when people r talking shit about you, how tf do you get past that


i guess that was kinda of a rant