//happy december !!!

here are some christmas/winter pop songs i’ve really been into lately !!!
what’s ur favorite christmas/winter song ?







//blogmas ? ; 11/30/17 ;

whats gucci

okay so idk if this is a word or not, but should i do blogmas? (it’s like vlogmas) where i post everyday ???


anyway grab some flaming hot cheetos because here’s a juicy story…

so today we went to a play that was at a college campus. After the play, we got to ask questions to the people on the play. there was one dude who was kinda cute and was about our age so one of the popular girls asked him “how many years have you acted?” to him and she started obsessing over him and told everybody she got his instagram. then he did the heart motion with his hands and she started saying she was in love with him. on the bus ride back, some popular cringey “im too cool for school” boys were saying that this one girl, who was super athletic( i can tell by the muscles and she was wearing a dance t shirt) and short was hot and that they wanted to smash/bang her. She looked at least 16 even though she was short, her body is more matured than a middle schooler. i was like ew because she’s way older then them.

anyways ye that was it

also the play was fine

(i thought i posted this on 11/30 but i guess i didn’t so this was yesterday’s story lmao)


// long ass story

grab ur popcorn folks, to make up from my lack of posts, here’s this detailed post about the last 2 weeks.

( i really hope no one from my school sees this )


okay remember from like 2 or 3 posts ago i said how much i hated richard and earl ?


well, me and my friends hate richard so much. he’s asian but like he’s racist to his own kind and hes mean af and cares about nobody. so we did something about it and basically did the whole school population a favor. Me and my friends saw what locker he had and put a sticky note that said “treat others the way u want to be treated” and folded it up and put it in the section of the locker that has like slits in there during 1st hr. One if my friends have their locker close to his so we pretended we wanted someone from our friend and he opened his locker and said “who put this sticky note in my locker” then me and my friends started laughing our asses off and ran away. then next hour passes and during break time me and my friend see him whispering to his friend and pointing to us. Since we were like good A students we were like oh shit were going to be suspended.

Fastforwarding a few days later, he says hi to me and my friend in the hallways like all smiley and shit like tf


anyways thats my story its not as long as i wanted it to be but oh well

and were on to step of revenge ….



i just cant ; 11/13/17 ;

okay so today @ la i sit in between 2 people

(btw the seating chart is in like rows)

Richard (short for dick) and Earl(short for vomit) (of course w/ replaced names)

i sit smack in between them, and they sit at what me and my friends like to call the “too cool for school table” (i made a post about this) or “The Table”

and they’re annoying af.

really, i try not to post shady shit and rumors and stuff but they’re literally harassing me.

okay, so Earl was like pointing at me and saying something to Richard, and i was like oh no because they’re troublemakers right? so guess what they do next. Earl is pretending to high five richard but earl “sikes” him and he hits me(obviously on purpose) and then they started laughing and richard says “oh sorry my friend siked me” like bitch wtf

and they did that twice

also, when we were doing work and they were sitting behind me, they kept shaking the chair and kept hitting the back of me, and touching my hair and stuff. and honestly i could not take it.

anyone got any revenge plans? that are fail proof? (besides tattling on them) like i was thinking i could put their address and name on a amazon package of condoms and send it to there house, but they could track down the amazon account and credit card information so like….


//christmas wishlist ; 11/8/17 ;

yo yo yooo


i probably wont get any of this becuz we broke af

but i can dream

  • a adidas black & white track jacket $30?
  • a cropped mustard hoodie $??
  • stan smiths !!! $60
  • too faced sweet peach palette $50 (for a eyeshadow palette hollyyyy) 😮
  • some riverdale merch
  • anastasia beverly hill eyebrow brush $18
  • some mom jeans !!
  • a peach dad hat
  • some more lip tints/glosses
  • white converse (a essential)
  • urban decay setting spray $32
  • a full length mirror !

yee that’s basically everything i want. i might by like a few products on black friday (especially makeup !!) but like lazy af