// problems ; 12/11/17 ;

hey guys

so sorry i haven’t been posting, i missed like 3 days of blogging !
but quality over quantity (thx chanso for the quote hehe)

i just want to relate to you guys

if anybody has this problem, share your experiences down below *

so, basically i’m not going to go in details bcuz this happens a lot, but i accidently stepped on this girl’s foot when we were playing basketball and i didn’t even know i stepped on her foot until she said something kinda offense like “don’t let lydia get the ball, she’ll step on her foot” or some bs like that

and i was like what did i do? i went to the locker room and overheard her bitching about me and i was like oh no

i didn’t know what to do, like apologize after it was all over ?

i swear, i’ve been trying to be nicer/less hated but like it just makes it worse

everybody in the school literally hates me sm

and i’m always quiet and stuff but i somehow get someone to hate me

like i realize i’m not social but like u dont need to hate me if i’m not bothering you, but i guess like a lot of rumors spread about me and now the school population hates me

except my friends who tbh, probably hate me as well.

and i tried not to care that much but when people r talking shit about you, how tf do you get past that


i guess that was kinda of a rant






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5 thoughts on “// problems ; 12/11/17 ;”

  1. omg when i was in basketball my ring scratched this idiot girl and she told all the team “that girl scratched me on purpose” and her friends really looked at me like i did it on purpose lol it made me mad but luckily i had my friends to defend me. i cant imagine being in your position honestly. people like that are disgusting. so… ur whole school sucks lol like, theyre not even worth the self doubt or trauma or feelings ur going through. hardly anyone goes to college knowing the same ppl from high school so theyre not worth ur time any way..

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  2. People step on each other’s feet all the time it’s not like u did it on purpose. It takes time but you will get to the point where just don’t care about what anybody says because in the next 10 years your not going to see more than half of them again. That’s what got me forgot about and not care about what anyone said to me. Just focus on the people that like being around you .

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