//my thoughts on youtube rewind 2016


im really disappointed this year in youtube rewind 2016. Although i like how they included all the trends of 2016, they didn’t include so many youtubers and even if they did, they didn’t get a lot of praise.

youtubers who they missed:

Miranda Sings, h3h3 productions, JennaMarbles, NigaHiga, CaptainSparklez, Crazy Russian Hacker, and more.

In the end;

//youtube rewind 2015 was better


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9 thoughts on “//my thoughts on youtube rewind 2016”

  1. tbh i thought this was really cringy but my personal fave was 2014
    like you, i was kinda disappointed that they didnt have jenna (queen) or ryan but they might of refused for some reason
    i remember that one vid where ryan skipped youtube rewind 2015 (i think? i’m not sure) to make youtube reryan lol

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