//my thoughts on youtube rewind 2016


im really disappointed this year in youtube rewind 2016. Although i like how they included all the trends of 2016, they didn’t include so many youtubers and even if they did, they didn’t get a lot of praise.

youtubers who they missed:

Miranda Sings, h3h3 productions, JennaMarbles, NigaHiga, CaptainSparklez, Crazy Russian Hacker, and more.

In the end;

//youtube rewind 2015 was better


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9 thoughts on “//my thoughts on youtube rewind 2016”

  1. They only included the succesful Youtubers from this year. Likes, subscriptions, views, all that. However, they did miss out on ALOT of youtubers.


  2. tbh i thought this was really cringy but my personal fave was 2014
    like you, i was kinda disappointed that they didnt have jenna (queen) or ryan but they might of refused for some reason
    i remember that one vid where ryan skipped youtube rewind 2015 (i think? i’m not sure) to make youtube reryan lol

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