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2019.. is everyone dead??

Oh um hii, it’s been a while.

I think everyone’s dead, but WordPress has been on my mind a lot for some reason.

I’m not coming back, but I just want to say thanks for everything.

First of all, my name is Lydia. I’m currently 14. I think I lied about my age to some people to seem older, sorry for that lol

I quit a lot of my hobbies that I did, like swimming and recently piano. I’m trying to find new passions. I’m still doing drawing/art classes.

I don’t think I’m as emo anymore, and I learned to not vent all the time lmao

I don’t think a lot has happened in the last few months that I’ve been gone. Just busy with school and stuff. Oh and I don’t hate everyone anymore, so that’s good :^)

Jeez this blog is embarrassing, I’m surprised that no one from school has found this

(one time one of my friends found my Fantage Youtube channel back in like 5th grade lmao)

If anyone’s reading this, I don’t have any places to contact me besides my instagram @lydsteric. I’m not active on there, but we can always chat and stuff.

thanks again,



hi welp

i came back from china a few weeks ago

and school is starting and i still havent done any of my summer hw (like 100 pages aisjdaiof)

but i didnt really feel like posting because its pretty uneventful lol

i might post more since school is starting and the im gonna get heated but idk we’ll see

or i might just quit completely because let’s be honest, i miss the drama (never thought i would say that lol)

also looking back this blog is hella cringey and i should b more careful of what i put out or its gonna bite me in the ass

okay bye

//kdramas, netflix, updates

um so hey

u haven’t seen me in a while

i’ve caught up on a lot of kdramas and stuff like that because why not

(psttt follow me on mydramalist – lydsteric)

also stuff on netflix; i just renewed my membership just to watch the kissing booth because of the hype but its kinda trash, dont come for me

can you believe fantage is ending in a two days? damn

btw im going to china for a month from july 4 – august 15 just a heads up

just a random thought/question; have you ever met someone on the internet irl?

honestly i haven’t and i don’t really see myself doing it because idk, it seems like it’s going to be awkward??




soo since i realized fantage was closing yesterday, i thought id spend all of the morning playing fantage

i went to a few fashion shows, hosted my own, etc.

bet i met some of my friends who haven’t been on fantage in years.

including some people on wp.

I met ruefromhg11! She said she missed the wp community and said she would come visit.

I also met pengytess!!! My computer was really lagging from fantage and i couldn’t communicate with her that much. She said she wanted to have a picture w/ me and that she couldn’t stay for long because she had to get pengytess.pngready for prom (awhh).Then my screen froze so i had to reboot my computer and when i logged back on. she was gone. She also told me that she couldn’t blog, and idk why because that was when my screen froze 😦

//april recap ☘️✨



for some reason i find myself tired/drained when i come back from school and i have no motivation to do anything anymore, i think it’s mostly because it’s the end of the school year, but everything is same old same old.

i just want something exciting to happen, y ‘know?

i don’t find myself reaching for my hobbies anymore, like drawing or playing piano, or even trying to learn a new hobby, it’s just not fun.

Instead i sit at home eating junk food watching anime and wondering why im still living lmao

but for real im a huge pessimist and i feel as though this blog has helped me through a lot of hard times/small problems i’ve had, even if know one besides like 5 of you care.

I want to get into a new hobby that im interested in, preferably a sport because i quit swimming last year and i’ve gained at least 5 pounds since lol

i want to get into tennis, but like im BAD, like really BAD

welp that was just a small update since i haven’t posted in like a week.


i’ve been getting more into anime lately because its around the summertime, in currently on episode 70 of ranma 1/2 and i 10/10 recommend, it keeps you on your feet and i really enjoy it !!! btw follow me on myanimelist thx

lol enjoy this new format of post i guess, i think im going to revamp my blog into a pastel theme, or a vaporwave theme, idk which one do you guys like better (literally no one will reply back lol)

lydia 🍒