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soo since i realized fantage was closing yesterday, i thought id spend all of the morning playing fantage

i went to a few fashion shows, hosted my own, etc.

bet i met some of my friends who haven’t been on fantage in years.

including some people on wp.

I met ruefromhg11! She said she missed the wp community and said she would come visit.

I also met pengytess!!! My computer was really lagging from fantage and i couldn’t communicate with her that much. She said she wanted to have a picture w/ me and that she couldn’t stay for long because she had to get pengytess.pngready for prom (awhh).Then my screen froze so i had to reboot my computer and when i logged back on. she was gone. She also told me that she couldn’t blog, and idk why because that was when my screen froze 😦

//april recap ☘️✨



for some reason i find myself tired/drained when i come back from school and i have no motivation to do anything anymore, i think it’s mostly because it’s the end of the school year, but everything is same old same old.

i just want something exciting to happen, y ‘know?

i don’t find myself reaching for my hobbies anymore, like drawing or playing piano, or even trying to learn a new hobby, it’s just not fun.

Instead i sit at home eating junk food watching anime and wondering why im still living lmao

but for real im a huge pessimist and i feel as though this blog has helped me through a lot of hard times/small problems i’ve had, even if know one besides like 5 of you care.

I want to get into a new hobby that im interested in, preferably a sport because i quit swimming last year and i’ve gained at least 5 pounds since lol

i want to get into tennis, but like im BAD, like really BAD

welp that was just a small update since i haven’t posted in like a week.


i’ve been getting more into anime lately because its around the summertime, in currently on episode 70 of ranma 1/2 and i 10/10 recommend, it keeps you on your feet and i really enjoy it !!! btw follow me on myanimelist thx

lol enjoy this new format of post i guess, i think im going to revamp my blog into a pastel theme, or a vaporwave theme, idk which one do you guys like better (literally no one will reply back lol)

lydia 🍒

//spotify or soundcloud ? + mulan

Hi lets have a heated discussion abt spotify or soundcloud

i prefer spotify tbh, because i have membership first of all(i payed lmao), and you can listen offline and even if it doesn’t have the music you listen to, you can just download it from youtube. But if you dont have membership, it sucks lol

soundcloud i like it because it has all the indie k-pop music i listen to, but at the same time for more known artists, you have to have soundcloud go+ ? which is a bunch of dumb bullshit

anyways they’re both pretty even though you have to pay for both of them to get the best benefits



i was hella happy that a mulan live action movie was coming out

but guess what

they decided to remove the bisexual icon, li shang ?

like tf????

im chinese and im offended af


//kinda sad

so i decided to go onto my old blog, fantageluckie and it makes me sad to see how many people have left the fantage community who genuinely made me happy. I really do miss fantage, i know everybody complained it was a shitty ass game(which is still true) but it really helped me develop into the person i am now.

I know there is still a few of us ex-fantagians who are still trying to blog but i feel like it isn’t the same anymore. We are losing people from the community every year, and idk

i want to change up my blog content, to draw more people to us ex-fantagians who just blog abt life but it seems like a lot of people on wp r just…… Distant ?

Anyways, this was just a post i wanted to get out, i’ve been thinking abt life a lot lately lmao

//confessing & other stuff

I need advice !

One of my friends has a crush and wants to confess that she likes him by the end of the year, but she doesn’t know how to do it because they talk and they smile at each other in the hallway but the thing is; she gave him candy + a card anonymously, he ended up finding out is was her but he didn’t do anything !

real middle school shit lol ^^^


should i watch truth or dare(looks pretty shit tbh), rampage, or a quiet place ??