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//table @ lunch(THE WORSTTT)

uld do like all the tables we have @ lunch(like the populars, emos, weebs, etc) ??

// Too cool for school //

BASICally the worst table in the grade!!  it’s a small circle table with like only 10 of the most popular boys in the grade. all the boys r dumb idiots who think they’re too cool for school. today i dropped my stuff, and a addian (or whtever his name is) laughed @ me. Plus, @ math (everybody legit is so stupid) they did the “asian eyes” thing w/ their hands. and the thing is that IT WAS LEGIT A ASIAN DOING RACIST SHIT !!!  fr ?

legit a guy @ the table FUCKING LIKES/LIKED(?) ME LAST YEAR. idk if he still likes me or not but he always stared @ me and started random convos w/ me??? definitely didn’t tell his friends bcuz he wouldn’t be caught DEAD liking a inverted asian :// tbh he’s the nicest one out of the group and the smartest and does football ??? damn, why tho ???? need to do a whole post on this story ^^



uhmm sooooo;

i guess this blog is really unactive and i dont really feel like posting ;-;

im sorta busy atm and its sorta been a chore to post

—- so should I quit?

i only really use wp for keeping up w/ friends and im getting sc when i get a new phone(hopefully this month !!!) because my phone sucks ;;

yee you can go follow me on ig @ lydsteric

but for now i dont really want to quit, because wp has held so many memories for me!!! i’ve been on wp since like i was like in 5th grade-ish i honestly dont remember ~


so i guess for now ill stay ?

9//12//17 P.E rant

Should i start daily posting ? ;-;

so today @ p.e, i dreaded because its the infamous football!!!!!

and plus i have legit NO FRIENDS IN THAT CLASS

like out of all the classes i had no friends with its PE kms

yeah so i had no friends, so when the teacher told us to be in partners i just looked out the window

and then a super athletic girl asked to be partners(because she wanted to be with another 2 people) i was like oh…

and yeah i failed @ throwing the football.

Then we played football and yeah I didn’t participate i just walked around counting the seconds till P.E is over -.-

and yeah so i think im falling into depression again because i was thinking how i was going to plan killing myself and my death note while we were stretching lmao

and plus i haven’t eaten anything in the past 2 days… (dont worry all is well)

i wanna make this community alive again!!!


//acnl update


//yeah so i haven’t posted about ac in a long time so

i ended up deleting my town because

a) my sister was mayor and din’t play anymore


b) my town was a mess lmao

my friend code is : 1135-1095-4096 comment yours down below and lets be friends :)))

(btw my sister is the default mii so like ignore tht)

also, on club tortimer a girl gave me 1 million bells to me and this guy ??
btw, does anyone want to trade for any of my rachet villagers?

im probably going to end up doing a giveaway for like 500k bells? but idk anymore lmao

k bye.